Trail runner blog symposium…

I will be participating in the blog symposium initiated by Trail Runner Magazine; the first topic at hand…

Is too much emphasis being placed on competitive results in the sport?


Quick and simple answer…in my opinion, yes. As somebody who used to hate running, fell in love with it on the trails on vacation one year,did a few 5k’s and 10k’s on the streets and moved to longer distances on trails, I’m speaking as the slow, back of the pack everyman.

I was really drawn to participating in trail races by the laid back and totally accepting and supportive community, regardless of how fast or slow you are. The occasional snobby attitude that can and does exist in some road racing circles is a detriment to those of us that will never challenge for a win…our victories are being out there and conquering the distance and our own personal goals.

Trail running and its races can’t let speed take over as the defining factor of achievement.

The front of the pack runners amaze and inspire me, but the at-large community and their participation in this grass-root sport can’t get lost in the shuffle. We are out here and want to achieve too…our goals and the ending competitive results are just a little more grounded than others.

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